Help for Substance Use 

While 12-step programs have helped thousands of people with various addictions, they are not the only things that work and some simply cannot relate to the 12-step philosophy. While I am not opposed to 12-step programs, I offer alternative ways to address substance use for people who cannot resonate with that approach. I have written many articles and given numerous lectures on this topic. I have also written a book designed to help people who drink too much called “Take Control of Your Drinking…And You May Not Need to Quit”. As substance use concerns vary along a continuum from mild to severe, I outline both abstinence and moderation strategies, helping the person to figure out what they need to do to get better.  

I can accept  number of insurances.  However, there are individuals who may be very concerned about privacy and confidentiality,who do not want to use health insurance, or who cannot travel.  In such cases, Dr. Levy is willing to negotiate a fee and will also consider seeing clients in the privacy of their own home. Services will always maintain the highest level of ethics.  

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